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 goong princess hours ( family history )

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PostSubject: goong princess hours ( family history )   Wed May 07, 2008 8:07 pm

Family History

The fictional family history was released by MBC, as follows:

  • 광화 원년 1945: After World War II, South Korea's common people wanted the royal family (이) to remain in the country, even as they act as symbols of Korea's past.
  • 광화 사십년 1984: Crown Prince Lee Soo (황태자 이수) is married to dancer Seo Hwa Yeong, who becomes the Crown Princess (consort) (황태자비 서화영).
  • 광화 사십일년 1985: Grand Prince Lee Hyeon (대군 이현) is married.
  • 광화 사십삼년 1987: Grand Prince Lee Hyeon (대군 이현) sires a daughter, named Hye Myeong (혜명 옹주).
  • 광화 사십사년 1988: Crown Prince Lee Soo (황태자 이수) sires a son, named Yool (이율). Grand Prince Lee Hyeon (대군 이현) sires a son, named Shin (이신).
  • 광화 사십칠년 1991: Shin Chae Kyeong's grandfather dies.
  • 광화 사십팔년 1992: Crown Prince Lee Soo (황태자 이수) dies in a car accident. His brother the Grand Prince Lee Hyeon (대군 이현) becomes the Crown Prince (황태자) upon his brother's death. Meanwhile, Lee Soo's family, the Crown Princess (consort) Seo Hwa Yeong (황태자비 서화영) and his son Yool (이율) are chased out of the palace, emigrating to Great Britain.
  • 광화 사십구년 1993: Emperor Moo (무황제), Lee Soo and Lee Hyeon's father, dies. Crown Prince Lee Hyeon (황태자 이현) becomes the next Emperor of Korea, thereby changing the former era name of Gwanghwa (광화) to Inhwa (인화 仁化).
  • 인화 삼년 1995: Lee Shin (이신) becomes the next Crown Prince (황태자 이신).
  • 인화 십이년 2004: Lee Shin (이신) enrolls into a well-known arts and cultures school in Korea. Lee Yool (이율), while in Britain, enrolled in an art-school.
  • 인화 십사년 2006: Crown Prince Lee Shin (황태자 이신) is married to Shin Chae Kyeong after an old agreement between his grandfather and Chae Kyeong's grandfather.
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goong princess hours ( family history )
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